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The recent legalization of marijuana for personal use in the states of Washington and Colorado have lead to a widespread push to legalize marijuana in other states at least for medicinal purposes.  In Oklahoma, one senator is pushing to legalize marijuana, however, unsuccessfully.  Thus, Oklahoma marijuana possession laws are as serious as any other drug charge.  Many individuals inTulsa Drug Lawyers | Possession of CDS Oklahoma have become more comfortable with the idea of using marijuana.  This has lead to multiple marijuana possession charges.  It is important to consider the consequences of a marijuana possession conviction.  Until Oklahoma law changes, you could face jail time and significant fines. If receiving charges of marijuana possession you need the help of our Tulsa drug lawyers at Kania Law Office.

Marijuana Laws in Oklahoma:

Under Oklahoma law, marijuana is a Schedule I drug.  This means the state believes the drug has a potential for abuse with little or no medicinal value.  Any marijuana-related crime carries with it the potential for significant jail time.  Whether possession, sale, manufacturer, or driving under the influence of marijuana, the consequences could follow you throughout your lifetime.  Possession of marijuana is less serious than other marijuana charges in Oklahoma.  However, a possession charge should be taken just as seriously as a manufacture or sale charge. As Tulsa Drug Lawyers we can explain the different drug charges in Oklahoma

Pursuant to Title 63 § 2-402(A)(1) of the Oklahoma statutes, an individual may receive charges of marijuana possession in Oklahoma if probable cause exists that the individual knowingly or intentionally possesses marijuana.  The threshold for a marijuana possession charge is very low, so even the slightest amount of marijuana could result in a sentence of up to one year in jail.  Further, if an individual is convicted of marijuana possession a second time, he or she could potentially be sentenced to up to ten years in jail.  While most possession charges do not ultimately lead to multiple years of jail time, the fact that Oklahoma law allows for such potential punishment is reason enough to avoid being charged with marijuana possession in the first place.

Criminal Record For Drug Arrests in Oklahoma:

As you can see, marijuana possession alone can be detrimental to many individuals charged with the crime in Oklahoma.  The inability to obtain steady employment, the inability to attend a college or a university, and the inability to rent an apartment or home create a stressful reality for individuals with a blemished criminal record.  If marijuana possession is this strict, you can only imagine how serious the consequences may be for the sale and/or manufacture (i.e., growing) of marijuana.  Having to spend multiple years in jail for a marijuana-related conviction is hard to swallow.  Such conduct would not result in the same harsh results in some other states.

Steps to Take Following Marijuana Possession:

Oklahoma has fairly harsh marijuana laws as compared to other states.  It is essential to take your marijuana charge very seriously.  Even though two states have legalized marijuana for recreational use, and twenty-one states plus the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana for medicinal use, Oklahoma still considers marijuana to be a dangerous drug that has the potential to cause harm.  As such, upon arrest for marijuana possession, you should speak with an attorney right away.

The earlier you consult with an attorney, the greater your chances are to fight your marijuana possession charge.  Further, it is important to take any opportunity possible to avoid a second marijuana-related charge in Oklahoma.  Subsequent criminal charges in Oklahoma have put thousands of individuals in jail for ten years or more.  Our experienced Tulsa drug lawyers and criminal defense attorneys can help you overcome your Oklahoma marijuana possession charge.  Our goals are minimizing the penalties you may face if receiving a conviction.

Tulsa Drug Lawyers Helping Oklahoman’s:

If you face a drug charge in Oklahoma call our Tulsa drug lawyers today. Don’t go it alone or use an attorney that isn’t one of our Tulsa drug lawyers. We have the experience you need to offer you a criminal defense that focuses on the consequences of a drug conviction.

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