Embezzlement of Rental Furniture in Tulsa


In Oklahoma failing to return rental furniture is a crime of Embezzlement of Rental Furniture. When most people rent furniture or appliances in Tulsa they don’t do it intending to commit a crime. They rent it with with the intent of paying it off and keeping the products. Generally the reason they use a Tulsa Oklahoma rent to own retailer to purchase their appliances is bad creditEmbezzlement of Rental Furniture - Tulsa Lawyers or no credit. Other reasons might be the ease of the purchase or that they want the chance to return the rental property when they no longer need it. Regardless of the reason consumers rent furniture, rarely do they know that if you fail to continue making payments, while not returning the property they may face embezzlement.

In Tulsa Oklahoma the crime of embezzlement is found in Oklahoma criminal statutes 21 O.S. Sec. 1451. Violation of embezzlement laws are often times considered crimes of opportunity or fraud. Embezzlement crimes are white collar crimes.

Keeping The Rental Property Past 10 Days:

The criminal statute defines the crime as the fraudulent appropriation of the property of another or in this case a rental store. The property must originally be legal. This is through the rental contract. And, its continued use is not as intended or by secretion. As it pertains to rental property the statute requires that you’ve you have the property because it is through a rental agreement. This possession  turns criminal when you have the property in excess of ten days after the contract expires. The expiration of the contract usually means 10 days after the rental company demands payment of return of the rental property.

Penalty for Embezzlement of Rental Furniture in Oklahoma:

The Oklahoma crime of embezzlement is either as a felony of a misdemeanor. What determines this is the value of the property. Value determines the severity of the charge.  However, if the person facing charges is a Tulsa County of State of Oklahoma officer it is always a felony. Generally speaking if you’re convicted of larceny and the value of the goods in question is less then $500.00 the crime is a misdemeanor. Otherwise if the value exceeds $500.00 the charge is a felony.

Tulsa Oklahoma Criminal Attorneys:

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