How To Transfer A Deed When Parents Die in Oklahoma?

To transfer a deed when parents die often times involves filing a probate in Oklahoma. Many times, parents have a revocable transfer on death deed or a trust that keeps the family home out of the probate process. However, if your parents Estate Planning did not get this done, you would need to visit the local county assessor’s office in…

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Creating a Trust in Your Oklahoma Estate Plan

When you are creating your estate plan, you will come across the idea of using “trusts”.  There are several different types of trusts that estate lawyers will use as tools in creating your plan.  Of course, you have the ability to choose if you want a trust and what type of trust you would like to include in your plan. …

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Tulsa Probate Lawyers

Probate Letters Of Administration

Our Tulsa Probate Lawyers will tell you that probate doesn’t have to be hard. Probate is the legal process by which the court, oversees and directs the distribution of assets and liabilities to beneficiaries. Thus, the probate process is the means by which legal title to real or personal property transfers to heirs or beneficiaries. The distribution of one’s property, whether they had…

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