Oklahoma Embezzlement Charges

Embezzlement Charges

Oklahoma Embezzlement charges can come in a couple forms. Embezzlement is described as the misappropriation or misuse of company money, property or time. In other words, it’s a type of property theft. Normally the property theft is a theft of an employers property. The property misappropriated is generally money but can be any company property. All kinds of employers try…

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Criminal Attorneys Fighting Embezzlement Crimes in Oklahoma

Embezzlement crimes in Oklahoma together with Ponzi schemes have become famous under the likes of Bernie Madoff and Enron’s Kenneth Lay.  However, even Oklahoma is susceptible to such practices.  For example, the punter for the OU Sooners 2000 championship team, Jeff Ferguson, is facing financial embezzlement charges.  He allegedly embezzled $620,000 from Firstar Bank, N.A.  This is a significant number…

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