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Embezzlement Crimes in OklahomaEmbezzlement crimes in Oklahoma together with Ponzi schemes have become famous under the likes of Bernie Madoff and Enron’s Kenneth Lay.  However, even Oklahoma is susceptible to such practices.  For example, the punter for the OU Sooners 2000 championship team, Jeff Ferguson, is facing financial embezzlement charges.  He allegedly embezzled $620,000 from Firstar Bank, N.A.  This is a significant number for a state like Oklahoma and is also a serious crime.  Read further to understand what embezzlement crimes entail and how we can defend you.

Embezzlement Crimes and Its Elements:

Oklahoma law designates embezzlement as the fraudulent use of monies for private purposes.  This also means that using the money for a purpose that was not intended by the donor is embezzlement.   There are several ways to embezzle:  siphoning, lapping, overtime falsification, kickbacks and more.  So, even the most minute amount can be embezzlement.

Fighting Embezzlement Crimes in Oklahoma:

Embezzling crimes in Oklahoma and its punishments are proportional to the amount embezzled.  Under 21 Okl.St.Ann. §1451(B) & (C) you can find the penalties.  These are listed below:

  1. Less than $500 = a fine reaching $1,000 and a possible jail sentence of one year.
  2. From $500 to $1,000 = a misdemeanor charge, fines reaching $5,000, a possible one year jail sentence, and restitution to victims.
  3. From $1,000 to $25,000 = a felony, fines reaching $5,000, a possible 5 year jail sentence, and restitution to victims.
  4. Over $25,000 = a felony, fines reaching $10,000, a possible 10 year jail sentence, and restitution to victims.

It is clear Oklahoma takes embezzling very seriously.  Nobody wants a felony conviction on their record.  It can harm chances of stable employment and sometimes even housing too.

Our Tulsa Embezzlement Attorneys Can Help:

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