Cosigning For Debt and Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Means Test

Cosigning For Debt and Bankruptcy helps get you off the hook for the debt once you file your chapter 7. If you or someone you co-sign for is considering bankruptcy, you’re probably wondering what happens to the debt. If you’re the one that co-signed for the debt its okay. If you’re filing a bankruptcy this doesn’t mean that the person…

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Student Loans in Oklahoma Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Exemptions in Oklahoma

Student loans in Oklahoma bankruptcy are one of the most frustrating aspects of modern life.  In order to obtain the education you need for the career you want, you have to take on debt.  Sadly, that doesn’t always work out.  Employment fluctuates, life intervenes, and student loans go from being an annoyance to a full blown crisis.  As bankruptcy attorneys,…

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Garnishments in Bankruptcy

garnishments in bankruptcy

Stopping garnishments in bankruptcy happens everyday. Wage garnishments can occur automatically. They happen when government agencies like the IRS or other creditors think that you owe them money.  They can also occur as a result of a court order that one of your creditors has secured against you. A wage garnishment summons is then issued to your employer. Either way,…

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Is Filing Bankruptcy Right For Me?

If you re facing a financial crisis, its likely that you’re considering an Oklahoma bankruptcy. The question is filing bankruptcy right for me is a valid one. Filing for bankruptcy is a complex process.You may be asking yourself, is filing bankruptcy right for me, and as such, hesitate to consider it as a way of improving your financial situation.  If you’re facing financial crisis…

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