Bankruptcy Service and Covid-19 in Tulsa


Bankruptcy Service and Covid-19 is unaffected by the stay at home order in Oklahoma. During this time of uncertainty, we wanted to give you an update on how we’re dealing with COVID-19 and filing bankruptcy in our State. As you’re aware, COVID-19 carnivorous is affecting every aspect of our lives. Even our legal systems are not immune. Federal, State and Local bankruptcy courts in Oklahoma are closed to the public. But this doesn’t mean that your case cant be filed today. The bankruptcy court in Oklahoma is still allowing you to file chapter 7 and chapter 13 cases but with certain changes. During this time the bankruptcy lawyers at Kania Law Office are fully operational. If you’re considering bankruptcy call our office for a free consultation.

You Can File During the Pandemic

Our Bankruptcy Service and Covid-19 infection hasn’t stopped us. We can file your bankruptcy during this pandemic just like before.  Many of you are faced with financial hardships and need the protections that come from filing bankruptcy.  In Oklahoma most cases are filed electronically. Because of this the Bankruptcy Courts still allow new cases to be filed. This means that if you’re facing collection actions like a foreclosure or garnishment, you stop them by filing bankruptcy.  Whether you file a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 the automatic stay, provided by 11 U.S.C.A. § 362, will still protect you. 

Meeting of The Creditors During The Pandemic

After filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 case you must attend a Meeting of the Creditors.  These meetings are usually held at the Courthouse in the district in which you filed your case.  At this meeting you’ll be asked simple questions by a bankruptcy trustee. In most instances creditors do not show but they have the option if they want.  In the Eastern District of Oklahoma your Chapter 7 trustee is either Gerald Miller or Charles Greenough. In the Northern District of Oklahoma your Chapter 7 trustee is either Karen Walsh, Scott P. Kirtley, Steven Soule, Sidney Swinson, or Patrick Malloy, III.  The Courts and the Trustees have been conscientious of the threat of COVID-19.

The Eastern District Bankruptcy Court has issued a notice that, due to COVID-19, Meetings of the Creditors, scheduled through April 10, 2020 are continued to a later date to be determined unless held by telephone.  The Northern District Bankruptcy Court has left the scheduling of Meetings of Creditors to the assigned trustees. In both Districts the Meeting of the Creditors is being held by telephonic means. The telephonic Meeting of the Creditors prevents delays in obtaining your final discharge.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Confirmation Hearings

Because of COVID-19, many Court’s have closed to the public.  Oklahoma bankruptcy courts however are still holding hearings including Chapter 13 confirmation hearings. Like the meeting of the creditors, confirmation hearings are being held by telephonic means. Judge Cornish, of the Eastern District Bankruptcy Court, Judge’s Rasure and Judge Michael, of the Northern District Bankruptcy Court, have all implemented rules which allow confirmation hearings by telephone.  

Stimulus Payments and Filing Bankruptcy

There is a consensus among the trustees regarding the economic relief payments being made by the Federal Government. The Trustees will not be seeking a turnover of any economic relief payments related to COVID-19. Also, any stimulus payments you receive as the result of the carnivorous are not considered income. This means that payments to you will not impact the means test or put you above the income limit to file.

Free Bankruptcy Consultation

Bankruptcy Service and Covid-19 still goes forward at our office. If you’re facing financial hardship bankruptcy may be the solution for you. Each years there’s thousand of cases filed so you’re not alone. Bankruptcy seems very difficult but with a little help you’l get through it. If you’re a business or a consumer you are entitled to file and get relief. Call our Oklahoma bankruptcy attorneys and get a free consultation.

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