The Bosse Decision and Post Conviction Relief Applied To McGirt

Violating A Protective Order

The Bosse Decision involves post conviction relief issues related to the recent decision set out in McGirt. In 2010, long before Mcgirt was decided, 25-year-old Katrina Griffin and her two young children were murdered in the residence they lived. The murder is the result of their home being burned down in an arson. After a criminal investigation the local Police…

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What If I’m Accused of DUI Manslaughter in Tulsa

DUI Manslaughter in Tulsa

DUI Manslaughter in Tulsa Oklahoma is a very serious charge. In Oklahoma, driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) is a crime regardless of whether you injure someone or cause property damage. However, if you happen to kill someone because of getting behind the wheel when you are drunk, then you face much more drastic consequences. Specifically, DUI manslaughter is…

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Does Oklahoma’s McGirt Decision Impact Criminal Convictions?

Oklahoma’s McGirt Decision has upended criminal prosecution and has criminal lawyers fighting to get cases dismissed.. Oklahoma criminal prosecution was changed significantly by a decision made by the United States Supreme Court on July 9th, 2020. In the U.S. Supreme Court decision, written by the Honorable Justice Gorsuch, it was determined that the Muscogee (Creek) Reservation boundaries were not reduced…

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Defending Protective Order Violations in Tulsa

Protective order violations in Tulsa are very serious crimes. In April of 2017, a woman reportedly held a man at gunpoint from her front porch.  The man was in violation of a protective order that was issued against him.  He was at the woman’s house demanding her debit card and sitting in her driveway even after being ordered by the…

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Explaining Assault and Battery With a Deadly Weapon in Oklahoma

assault and battery with a deadly weapon

Assault and Battery with a Deadly Weapon is a serious offense in Oklahoma. Although assault and battery are two distinct crimes, they are commonly charged as a single crime. A person may be guilty of assault and battery as a single crime when an assault culminates in a battery. Oklahoma has outlined different kinds of assault and battery crimes within…

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Possession of a Stolen Vehicle

Police Ask Questions About a Crime

Possession of a Stolen Vehicle in Oklahoma is a crime the Tulsa County district attorneys office hotly pursues. In early June of 2017 an unmarked police vehicle was stolen in South Tulsa.  The vehicle did not have any external markings, but did hold a pepper spray ball, a ballistic shield, and handheld radio.  As of June 9th, the vehicle whereabouts…

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Prescription Fraud Charges in Tulsa

Prescription Fraud Charges in Tulsa are more common then many people realize.  August of 2016, the lead dentist of Signature Smiles in Tulsa received charges for murder.  During the investigation, Tulsa Police officers also discovered several possible criminal activities by Franklin’s employees, including prescription fraud.  For example, one of the firms dental assistants is under investigation for forging narcotic prescriptions…

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Does My Case Qualify for Double Jeopardy Dismissal?

In Double Jeopardy starring Tommy Lee Jones and Ashley Judd, Judd and her husband are a couple with a son. In order to avoid debts and looming bankruptcy, her husband purchases a life insurance policy with a very hefty payout and names their son as the beneficiary. Her husband then fakes his own death and frames Ashley Judd for murder. Ashley…

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