Fast Criminal Record Expungement in Oklahoma

Criminal Malice

Fast criminal record expungement in Oklahoma is possible under the new pardon and expunction laws. A criminal conviction in the state of Oklahoma can cause a lot of problems for you. If you have a criminal record, many jobs might not be available to you. You might lose valuable rights, such as the right to vote or carry a gun….

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How Is A Pardon Different From An Expungement In Oklahoma?

Pardon Different From An Expungement

Under Oklahoma criminal law, a pardon is different from an expungement in the fact that someone must agree to grant you a pardon, while an expungement is allowed by law under certain circumstances. Another difference between the two is that a pardon can only restore your civil rights that you lost when convicted of the crime, while an expungement removes…

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Full Oklahoma Expungement and Pardon

An Oklahoma expungement gives you a new lease on life. Many people convicted of crimes in Oklahoma presume that once they have served their time and fulfilled the terms of their probation they can move on with their lives.  The reality is that a criminal record can follow a person far into the future.  It can impact employment opportunities, housing,…

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