Garnishments in Bankruptcy

garnishments in bankruptcy

Stopping garnishments in bankruptcy happens everyday. Wage garnishments can occur automatically. They happen when government agencies like the IRS or other creditors think that you owe them money.  They can also occur as a result of a court order that one of your creditors has secured against you. A wage garnishment summons is then issued to your employer. Either way, third parties can take up to 25% of your pay each and every pay period.  This can last for a period of time that they determine will be necessary for you to pay off the debt you have to them.

Justifications for bankruptcy like misleading sales pitches and usurious interest rates aside, if you are subject to Oklahoma wage garnishment your employer must comply with the government agency or court order and you’ll be receiving a smaller pay check from which you may have already been struggling to make ends meet, feed your family and to put a roof over your head.

Stop Garnishments in Bankruptcy:

There is however a remedy available to you to put a stop to an Oklahoma garnishments in bankruptcy. Basically you must make one of two choices. You can pay off your debt to the company or government agency to whom you owe money, or you can file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Assuming that you are unable to pay the debt, filing for bankruptcy will create an automatic “stay”.  Thus, your paycheck will immediately restore to its full value.

In addition to restoring your paycheck back to normal, filing for bankruptcy can afford you the additional protections.  Some include putting an immediate end to harassing phone calls from creditors as well as stopping any debt-related law suits that have been filed against you. If you are the subject of wage garnishment, debt law suits, or collection harassment, call us today and schedule an appointment with one of our Oklahoma bankruptcy attorneys to see which type of bankruptcy best suits your individual financial situation. No cost or obligation exists.

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