How Much Does a Tulsa Divorce Cost


How much does a Tulsa divorce cost is one of the most common questions we hear from clients considering a divorce.  The How Much Does a Tulsa Divorce Cost - Tulsa Divorce Lawyersmost straightforward answer to this question is it depends. Truthfully the answer to how much a Tulsa divorce costs depends on the parties getting the divorce. Some can agree on issues while others cant agree on anything.

Do I Need a Divorce Lawyer:

If you need a lawyer depends on a few factors. If you’ve been married a very short time you may be okay with out one. This assumes there’s no children involved and very few assets to divide. It also assumes that the other party will sign the divorce or if you actually know where they are.

A Lawyer Doesn’t Make it Harder:

Lots of times we think that keeping the lawyers out of it will make it less contested. People may might think that the lawyers simply run up the bill. Truth is that if you’ve got kids and bills to divide a lawyer may make it easier. With an attorney you can get an objective idea of whats going to happen. We deal with divorce on a daily basis. Because of this we know the local judges and what to expect. More often than not your divorce attorney can predict with remarkable accuracy the outcome of your case long before its concluded. When you ask how much does a divorce cost well a good lawyer may actually reduce your cost.

Divorce Trials are Expensive:

This is absolutely true. Most Tulsa divorce lawyers charge hundreds of dollars per hour. If your going to put on a trail you have to be prepared to pay the big bucks. There is good news though. Divorces, in particular with children, usually starts out contested but soon settle down. Given the break up of the couple and the issues involved with child custody its understandable. From custody and child support on to dividing marital assets and bills its difficult. Once the initial shock is gone and the screaming stops a lawyer can help you work it out. The divorce process begins with temporary orders and from there we can tray to reach an agreement. If an agreement isn’t at hand we can try meditation. If that still doesn’t resolve it then maybe a trial is the only solution

How Much Does a Tulsa Divorce Cost Really is answered by it depends. If you’re facing a family break up and need help we can help.

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