In Oklahoma, When Is Alimony Awarded, And If So, How Long Is It Awarded For?

When Is Alimony Awarded

When you’re going through a divorce in Oklahoma, understanding how alimony works and when alimony is awarded is important. Alimony, AKA spousal support, is a form of financial assistance that one spouse may be a requirement to provide to the other after the dissolution of marriage. The laws in Oklahoma cover when they award alimony, its duration and if it’s…

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In Child Custody, Which Parent Picks The School My Child Attends?

Which Parent Picks The School

Which parent picks the school their children attend is sometimes more complicated than parents anticipate. When it comes to divorce or paternity proceedings in Oklahoma, one of the most critical decisions couples with children must make involves child custody and the subsequent considerations that come with it. A pivotal issue within this realm is determining which school your child should…

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What Makes an Unfit Parent in Oklahoma

Unfit Parent in Oklahoma

As in most jurisdictions, determining whether a parent is unfit in Oklahoma involves considering a range of factors related to the parent’s behavior, conduct, and ability to care for their child. A family court will typically make this determination based on evidence presented during legal proceedings, often as part of child custody or termination of parental rights cases. The determination…

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Do Grandparent Visitation Rights Exist In Oklahoma?

Grandparent Visitation Rights

Grandparent visitation rights exist by common law and the court decides on a case by case basis. Oklahoma laws give preference to parents to make choices about raising their children, including whom children will spend time with, such as grandparents. Unfortunately, the law says that grandparents do not have any statutory right or constitutional right to visit their grandchildren. If the…

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What Is The Best Evidence In A Custody Dispute in Oklahoma?

Evidence In A Custody Dispute

There are different kinds of evidence in a custody dispute. The evidence used will help the courts determine which parent should have sole custody or if joint custody is better. In Oklahoma, a judge will only approve a custody plan that promotes the best interests of the child. If parents cannot mutually agree to such a plan, the court will…

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How Do I Value My Business In A Divorce in Oklahoma?

Home Builder Breaches His Contract

It is important to accurately appraise the value of your business in a divorce case. A business interest is often a marital estate’s most valuable asset, even more valuable than any real estate holdings. Spouses may consider their business interests as inconsequential with little or no financial worth. But an Oklahoma court will assign some value to even a small,…

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Is There A Crime Of Parental Kidnapping In Oklahoma?

Disputes With A Contractor

Parental kidnapping in Oklahoma is a serious crime. This crime occurs when one parent takes a child from the other parent without legal permission. In the United States, parental kidnapping is most common type of kidnapping, as parents are more likely to commit the crime than non-parents. Normally this kind of kidnapping is part of an ongoing child custody case or a divorce. Most state…

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Is An Inheritance Part of a Divorce Settlement in Oklahoma?

Inheritance Part of a Divorce Settlement

Its common to ask is inheritance part of a divorce settlement in Oklahoma. The answer depends on several factors. There are two approaches to dividing property in a divorce case used by the legal systems of the fifty states. Some states, especially those in the western U.S., use community property rules to divide marital property equally. Oklahoma follows the majority…

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What Is The Waiting Period For A Divorce In Oklahoma?

There is a waiting period for divorce in Oklahoma that depends on a few different factors. Deciding to get a divorce can be one of the most challenging decisions you’ll have to face. Not only are there all kinds of arrangements to consider, but there are also so many emotions to navigate. Adding the grieving of your relationship to all…

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Guide To Child Custody Laws In Oklahoma – A Lawyer Explores The Basic

Child custody laws in Oklahoma expect certain things from a Childs parents. If you and your child’s other parent are splitting up, you likely have many concerns about how your child’s custody will be determined. You may be worried that a judge will make decisions about child custody that aren’t in your child’s best interests. Thankfully, most child custody cases…

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Who Gets The Dog in Oklahoma Divorce?

High Asset Divorce

The question of who gets the dog in Oklahoma divorce case is pressing if you are a dog lover. Doggone dogs! You can’t live with them, and you can’t live without them. Correction, it’s your spouse you can’t live with, but you do need your dog. As it turns out, your soon-to-be ex-spouse wants the dog, too. What now? Who…

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What is a Premarital Agreement in Oklahoma

Premarital Agreement

A Premarital Agreement in Oklahoma is more common than many people think and its understandable. You are in love. You’re happy. You’re on cloud nine. After all, you’ve just said “Yes” to one of the biggest questions of your life: will you marry me. Naturally, the first thing you want to do is pick out a wedding dress. Yet, it…

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Getting Divorced In Oklahoma

Getting Divorced In Oklahoma doesn’t have to be so difficult. Perhaps you have reached the breaking point in your marriage and are headed for a divorce. What you might not know is that each state has different requirements that you must follow to get one. There are also issues that could come up which may turn a seemingly simple divorce…

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Oklahoma Custody and Visitation During Coronavirus Outbreak

Contempt in Family Court

Oklahoma custody and visitation during Coronavirus may be impacted but be careful. With the Family Law Courts in Tulsa and throughout Oklahoma effectively closed parents have lots of questions. Many of them involve violations of the existing orders or interpretations of them. Still others involve each parents responsibility to keep the children safe from the virus. In any family law…

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Relocating With Your Child after Oklahoma Divorce

Spouse Refuses To Sign The Divorce

Relocating With Your Child after Oklahoma Divorce is possible but requires that you do certain things first. Often times, Oklahoma parents will have the opportunity to leave the state for many reasons.  This could be better employment, closeness to out of state family, or other pressing reasons.  However, having a custody and visitation agreement make things more complex.  This is…

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Dividing Debts in Oklahoma Divorce

Spouse Refuses To Sign The Divorce

Dividing Debts in Oklahoma Divorce is a question faced by many families working through divorce.  One of the most frequently asked questions of a lawyer is “How does property divide in a divorce?”.  This generally includes dividing debts also.  Take for instance you had certain debts entering into a marriage, or your spouse took out student loans for a professional…

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Tulsa Lawyer Explains Oklahoma Common Law Marriage

"2-2-3" Visitation Schedule in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Common Law Marriage has been recognized in the State for over 100 years.  It is a long-held tradition to uphold in the courts, if a common law marriage actually exists.  So, for instance if you question whether or not you are participating in a common law marriage, then this article will answer some of those questions for you.  Read…

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How Much Does a Tulsa Divorce Cost

How much does a Tulsa divorce cost is one of the most common questions we hear from clients considering a divorce.  The most straightforward answer to this question is it depends. Truthfully the answer to how much a Tulsa divorce costs depends on the parties getting the divorce. Some can agree on issues while others cant agree on anything. Do…

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Modifying Tulsa Divorce Decree

Modifying Tulsa Divorce decree is possible. Several things happen in life that cause force us into modifying Tulsa divorce decree. An example may be that the original decree awarded joint physical custody but its always been one parent that’s had custody. Or there are times when because of changes in your income or former spouses income that make modifying child…

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Living Together During Divorce in Tulsa

I’m running across more and more people living together during divorce in Tulsa. This increasing number of couples continue living together during divorce in Tulsa pending marital dissolution.  Although it’s difficult coping with divorce, many households cannot afford the additional expenses of living apart during the process.  The financial challenge of maintaining two households is even more complex if you’re facing a contentious divorce….

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