Dividing Property in a Tulsa Divorce


Dividing Property in a Tulsa Divorce is an important part of any divorce case. During property and debt division, parties have legal obligations to provide disclosures of their assets and liabilities.  This financial disclosure requirement is necessary for parties to negotiate an equitable distribution of property and spousal maintenance (alimony).  TheseDividing Property in a Tulsa Divorce | Kania Law Office | Tulsa Divorce Attorneys disclosures are necessary for a fair conclusion of any family law case.

Fairness is Counts:

Dividing Property in a Tulsa Divorce requires fairness. This fairness can sometimes make the divorce process more complicated. This is especially true when one of the parties attempts to divert marital property or income to an illicit paramour. Another example is when one of the parties is diverting marital assets to themselves.  Advances in electronic communication technology provides more efficient ways for spouses to avoid their disclosure obligations.  This further prevents a fair division of property because there are more sophisticated tools to hide assets.  Communications about inappropriate transactions and diverted assets may occur through email and text messaging.  Financial gifts and trips may receive funding by use of secret bank accounts or PayPal accounts.  Business may even be established, funded and managed entirely online.

Investigation Efforts Finding Marital Assets:

Our Oklahoma divorce attorneys understand the value of using electronics.  This ensures our clients receive their fair share of marital property and spousal support.  Our law firm can use electronic discovery systems that provide an ability to review and analyze volumes of pages of financial documents. Those financial documents include bank records and other electronic transactions.

Although some spouses believe that deleting their Internet search history or “cache” will prevent detection of online transactions this isn’t true. We can help find electronic evidence of past secret transactions that are being hidden away in an effort to divert marital assets.  Many spouses can initiate this investigation by use of “keystroke loggers” that permit surveillance of activity on a computer.

Digging Through The Marital Finances:

Our law firm includes skillful family attorneys and tax accountants.  Therefore we are aggressive in seeking financial documents like bank records, tax returns, profit and loss statements, 401K statements, receipts for “lifestyle expenditures” and other evidence.  This is the kind of evidence that exposes hidden assets.  We dont stop with just bank records. We look behind these financial documents for discrepancies that may reveal information not provided.  Sometimes we even use forensic accountants if it makes financial sense. We even search social media like face book for hidden marital assets.

When a party to an Oklahoma divorce fails to comply with mandatory disclosure requirements, family law judges may impose sanctions.  Sometimes these sanctions can take the form of attorney fee awards.  The judge also has the ability to adjust the distribution of property in a manner that is unfavorable to the offending spouse.  By way of example, a case from another state that received wide national media attention resulted in a judge awarding a husband the entire proceeds from the wife’s lottery award because she didn’t disclose it during the divorce.

Oklahoma Divorce Attorneys in Your Corner:

If dividing property in a Tulsa divorce is a concern of yours we can help. Our attorneys understand how people attempt to hinder dividing property in a Tulsa divorce. Because of this we’ll be one step ahead of the unfair marital partner. We care about your divorce case and can help you.

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