Things To Avoid Before Filing Bankruptcy in Oklahoma

Domestic Assault and Medical Hearsay

Before Filing Bankruptcy in Oklahoma there are certain thing to avoid doing. People make snap decisions before filing and those things mean a lot. Falling behind on your bills or facing overwhelming debt can make you feel trapped. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to keep your head above water. In such situations, many people turn…

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Bankruptcy Service and Covid-19 in Tulsa

Bankruptcy Service and Covid-19 is unaffected by the stay at home order in Oklahoma. During this time of uncertainty, we wanted to give you an update on how we’re dealing with COVID-19 and filing bankruptcy in our State. As you’re aware, COVID-19 carnivorous is affecting every aspect of our lives. Even our legal systems are not immune. Federal, State and…

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Guns in Oklahoma Bankruptcy Cases

Carrying a Concealed Weapon

Guns in Oklahoma Bankruptcy are yours to keep but you have to disclose them to claim the exemption. When we prepare a client’s bankruptcy paperwork, we ask them about their assets, the things they own.  This includes checking and savings accounts, retirement funds and other personal property. Many clients get nervous when we ask them to list what firearms they…

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Common Chapter 7 Questions

This blog post is the second installment in our two part blog post covering common chapter 7 bankruptcy questions. If you are drowning in debt and considering bankruptcy as a means to eliminate much of your unsecured debt, we recommend you review Part I of this blog post.  While we’ve tried to address most of the common chapter 7 questions,…

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Forgiving Back Taxes in Bankruptcy

Forgiving Back Taxes in Bankruptcy can  help those people who’ve experienced Tax debt.  The impact of being the target of the IRS harsh tax collection techniques can be devastating.  There are organizations that are aggressive in enforcing unpaid obligations . . . and then there is the IRS.  Sadly, many families that struggle financially in the face of wage assignments,…

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