Internet Sex Crimes in Oklahoma


Sex crimes have been growing over the years in Oklahoma, and across the United States.  With the exponential growth of the internet, it’s no wonder that internet sex crimes are also growing.  CommunicationInternet Sex Crimes - Tulsa Criminal Lawyers online is much easier than meeting in person. This causes people to flock to the internet. Many solicit sex in chat rooms or on social media websites, such as Facebook or Twitter. This has led to an increased number of charges related to sex crimes.

In Oklahoma, lawmakers have cracked down on internet crimes, especially those of a sexual nature.  The Oklahoma Computer Crimes Act imposes strict penalties for violating this law. Those include serving up to five years in prison and paying up to $5,000 in fines.  Further, being on the internet not only includes using a computer to communicate with others, but also includes cellular phones.  Any technological device that provides a way to connect to the internet is subject to the Oklahoma Computer Crimes Act.

Sex Crimes Involving Minors:

Many people have heard of the term “sexting” which consists of communicating with another person by means of sexually explicit words, inappropriate photographs, as well as videos of a sexually explicit nature. Such conduct is not only on a cellular phone. If convicted, the offender may have to register on the sex offender list

  • Soliciting Sex to Minor Children – this crime occurs more often than other internet sex crimes; when someone commits this crime, he or she is essentially offering or asking for sexual contact from a minor child; offenders are considered sexual predators, a term that could leave the charged with a tarnished reputation, and a spot on the sex offender list

  • Child Pornography – along with solicitation of sex to a minor, child pornography is more common than many people realize; if the accused is in possession of child pornography, produces child pornography, or sells child pornography, this person is facing serious consequences, and like solicitation, this person will be placed on a sex offender list

Other Internet Sex Crimes:

Internet sex crimes are not limited to the three charges listed above, but these are the most common.  Any type of conduct remotely similar to the above charges could be grounds for serious punishment.  Oklahoma law does not take a defense of “I didn’t know she was a minor” too seriously.  It is your responsibility as an Oklahoma citizen to be aware that any type of sexually explicit communication or act with a minor is against the law.  A mere incident of “sexting” could potentially ruin your life, leaving it very difficult for you to obtain housing or get employment.  Needless to say, if you end up having to serve time in prison, you will face problems with other inmates.

You may be in a situation where you have simply made a mistake.  Perhaps you did not intend to solicit a minor for sexual activity, or maybe the alleged victim is not telling the truth.  Regardless of what the facts may show, you need the advice of a criminal defense attorney experienced in the area of sex crimes to defend your rights.  People often forget “innocent until proven guilty,” and a mere charge is a conviction in the eyes of society.

Internet sex crimes Attorneys Helping to Mount Your Defense: 

Internet sex crimes are criminal cases in Oklahoma receiving the most vigorous prosecution. The state and federal governments have special task forces assigned to this crime. With the special focus of the government you can bet that there’s extra pressure for convictions. If you receive charges on any internet sex crimes its important that you act quickly to assert your defenses.

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