Denial of Social Security: Common Reasons and FAQ


Denial of Social Security: Common Reasons and FAQSocial security disability insurance (SSDI) helps Oklahomans receive necessary income to pay life’s daily expenses.  These include housing, clothing, food, and medical care. When applying for SSDI benefits, individuals must take into account the many factors the Social Security Administration (SSA) considers when reviewing your application.  These factors determine your eligibility for SSDI benefits. Even if you truly believe you have a valid reason for needing SSDI benefits, you simply may not meet particular requirements. If this is your situation you may need the help of one of our Tulsa Disability Lawyers.

In order to increase the chances of approval for your application for SSDI benefits, you should be aware of the common reasons why your SSDI application may receive a denial.  This allows you to take steps necessary to prevent any of those reasons from preventing your SSDI benefits. Some common reasons why your SSDI application may receive denial include, the following:

  • Your income is simply too high – Your income must fall below a certain number to qualify. Even if you are suffering financial difficulties, if your income through employment is too high, you will not be considered a candidate for SSDI benefits.
  • Your disability is not long-lasting – In order to qualify for SSDI benefits, not only does your income have to be below a certain amount, but you also must prove that you have a current physical impairment that deems you disabled for twelve (12) months or longer. Injuries caused by automobile accidents or other personal injuries often do not result in long-term or permanent disability.  However some do.  Thus, SSDI benefits are crucial for those individuals who have true disabilities for the required period of time.
  • Your application is incomplete – As with any application for government benefits, it is imperative that your application is thorough and complete, meaning that all I’s are dotted and all T’s are crossed. In essence, nothing can be blank and you must provide all necessary documentation. For example, financial records and medical records are documents that the SSA must review before making a determination. If you fail to submit medical records documenting long-term disability, it is probable your SSDI application will receive a denial.
  • Failure to communicate with SSA – Applying for SSDI benefits does not end with submitting an application. You must be ready, willing and able to communicate with SSA officials at any given time.  You may need to provide the agency with supplemental documentation when requested. You also must keep your contact information up to date.  This includes a new address, phone number, and/or email address, as most correspondence these days are electronic. If the SSA is unable to make contact with you, your application for SSDI benefits may receive a denial.
  • Failure to follow your treatment plan – As part of receiving SSDI benefits, you must make every effort to follow your doctor’s orders when it comes to physical therapy and other medical treatments that are necessary to bring you back to a functioning physical state. This requirement is a way for SSA to ensure that SSDI benefits are being given to only those individuals who truly need the financial support to care for themselves. If an individual simply no longer wishes to undergo physical therapy even though he or she is fully capable of doing so, SSA will consider this a valid reason to either deny benefits if they have not yet been granted, or cut short benefits that have already been granted.

How Our Lawyers Can Help You

Applying for SSDI benefits is extremely important for Oklahomans who can find no other way to meet day-to-day expenses. The application process is not easy and many small mistakes could result in denial of your application. As such, allowing a qualified attorney to help you with the SSDI process is a very smart decision to make. When you suffer a physical disability, you do not need the extra stress of handling the SSDI application process alone. By enlisting the legal services of an Oklahoma SSDI Attorney, you have assurance in the protection of your interests.

If you suffer from a disability, and cannot to return to work, our Tulsa disability lawyers can help. We argue disability cases before the Social Security Administrative Judges so that you dont have to. Call us today and talk with one of our Tulsa disability lawyers today 918-743-2233.

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