What is an Oklahoma Trademark


An Oklahoma trademark together with a Federal trademark is a tool used to protect your property. A trademark is a type of intellectual property to exclusively identify a product or service with a particular business. Both Federal and Oklahoma Trademarks are usually obtained on words, slogans, and logos, but it is also possible to protect unique sounds, smells, and colors with trademark registration.

Protection You Get With an Oklahoma TrademarkOklahoma trademark

When you acquire trademark rights, you can legally prevent any other individuals, companies and competitors from copying or misusing your trademarked name, phrase, slogan, or another identity to sell similar looking products or services.

Your trademark not only protects your commercial rights, but also protects your customers because they cannot be misled into buying a wrong product or service and will be able to identify the real source of what they are buying.

Sometimes a competitor may try to beat the law by keeping a name, logo, or colors that are deceptively similar to your trademark – but are not identical. You can hire an Oklahoma trademark attorney who will be able to legally stop the other party from doing so in order to protect your business interests as well as the consumers’ interests.

How Much Time will it Take for Trademark Registration?

It usually takes six to eight months to complete the trademark registration process. In exceptional cases, it could take up to one year or even more to get the trademark approved from the United States Patents and Trademarks Office (USPTO). When you apply to the USPTO for your trademark, they will assign you a priority date.

This will automatically provide you some limited trademark protection even while your approval is pending. After the priority date, if a competitor or another party attempts to apply for a closely resembling trademark to yours, their application would most likely get rejected. Therefore, it makes sense to initiate your trademark registration through a competent IP protection lawyer in Oklahoma as soon as possible.

Is it Necessary to Register Your Trademark with USPTO?Oklahoma trademark

Many business owners assume that since they have registered their trademark within Oklahoma, they do not need a registration with USPTO. You should be aware that although state registration will give you limited protection for your business within Oklahoma, you can be prevented from extending your business to other states if someone there has already registered a trademark similar to yours.

If you have a vision for the long-term growth and expansion of your business, it makes sense to have a trademark that is valid in all parts of the country. For this reason, a USPTO registration

is important. In fact, your goal should be to protect not just the brand name, but also the slogan, logo, and signature colors to adequately protect yourself against brand infringement. Once you have a valid registration, you can use this symbol with your mark: ®

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