Oklahoma Work Injury Options

Injured At Work In Oklahoma

Oklahoma Work Injury options include having all your medical care paid by your employers insurance. In Oklahoma employers must carry Workers Compensation Insurance.  This means that if any employee of the company faces on the job injuries, the Workers Comp Insurance will cover them.  It provides benefits to workers who are unable to perform their regular job duties because of the…

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Construction Injuries and Oklahoma Workers Comp

Construction injuries Covered by Oklahoma Workers Compensation

Construction injuries Covered by Oklahoma Workers Compensation depend on your status as an employee or an independent contractor. If you suffer injuries while working on a construction site, the contractor, through his workers compensation insurance, may be responsible for your medical expenses and certain disability payments owed to you.  In Oklahoma, its often a question of if you carry the label…

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Workers Compensation Law Challenges

A new workers compensation law is set to take effect in February 2014.  The bill creates an opportunity for businesses to opt-out of Oklahoma’s workers’ compensation law program.  They can either self-insuring to provide benefits for injured workers or purchasing policies from approved insurance providers.  This does not eliminate the workers’ compensation system.  It does though enable corporations to provide…

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