Student Loans in Oklahoma Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Exemptions in Oklahoma

Student loans in Oklahoma bankruptcy are one of the most frustrating aspects of modern life.  In order to obtain the education you need for the career you want, you have to take on debt.  Sadly, that doesn’t always work out.  Employment fluctuates, life intervenes, and student loans go from being an annoyance to a full blown crisis.  As bankruptcy attorneys,…

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Guns in Oklahoma Bankruptcy Cases

Carrying a Concealed Weapon

Guns in Oklahoma Bankruptcy are yours to keep but you have to disclose them to claim the exemption. When we prepare a client’s bankruptcy paperwork, we ask them about their assets, the things they own.  This includes checking and savings accounts, retirement funds and other personal property. Many clients get nervous when we ask them to list what firearms they…

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Common Questions About Filing Bankruptcy in Tulsa – Part 2

This is Part II of our two-installment blog post answering frequently asked questions about bankruptcy in Oklahoma. Part I of this blog provides more bankruptcy information so if you missed it you can view it here. We address many of the issues and questions by those with overwhelming by debt and consider filing bankruptcy Tulsa as an option.  Our Tulsa  Attorneys recognize that…

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Common Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Questions

Common Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Questions are centered around debt forgiveness. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy provides a means for you to forgive the vast majority of unsecured debts. This can make income available to you so that you can pay other monthly bills including mortgage and car payments.  While filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can provide enormous financial relief, you cant file unless…

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