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Workers’ compensation cases in Oklahoma are handled by an administrative system known as the Workers’ Compensation Commission. Unlike most other areas of law, the determination of which court a case will be handled in is not a jurisdictional issue, but rather an issue of the preference of the parties involved. There is no longer an opt-out provision in the new legislation. That means, generally, employers cannot simply opt out of the state’s workers’ comp so long as they provide equivalent coverage for injured workers. There are, of course, some exceptions to this rule such as using your own workers’ compensation insurance or obtaining an “Own Risk” permit. The Administrative Workers’ Compensation Act only applies to claims for injuries and death based on accidents which occur on or after February 1, 2014.

Workers’ Compensation For Injured Workers

On February 1, 2014, the Workers’ Compensation Commission took effect and replaced Oklahoma’s workers compensation courts. Any existing claims for injuries prior to February 1, 2014, are handled by the Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Court of Existing Claims

Oklahoma City Location
Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Commission
1915 North Stiles Avenue
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73105


Tulsa Location
Oklahoma Workers Compensation Commission
212 Kerr State Office Building
440 South Houston
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74127
(918) 295-3732


Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Act
Okla. Stat. tit. 85A.

Administrative Law Judges
Hon. Judge T. Shane Curtin
Hon. Judge Michael T. Egan
Hon. Judge Tara H. Inhofe
Hon. Judge Molly H. Lawyer
Hon. Judge P. Blair McMillin
Hon. Judge John L. Blodgett

Workers’ Compensation Court of Existing Claims

Oklahoma City Location:
915 N. Stiles Ave., Ste. 127  
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
(405) 522-8600

Tulsa Location: 
440 South Houston
Tulsa, OK 74127
(918) 581-2714

Workers’ Compensation Judges for Existing Claims
Hon. Judge L. Brad Taylor (Presiding Judge)
Hon. Judge Carla Snipes
Hon. Judge Michael McGivern
Hon. Judge Margaret Boomhoff

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