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Tulsa immigration attorneysOur Tulsa immigration help people around the world want to visit or live in the United States.  The United States offers individuals countless opportunities to citizens and non-citizens alike.  Whether you want to come to the United States to visit or live permanently, there are procedures you must follow.  These comply with immigration laws. If you need information regarding entering the United States our Tulsa immigration attorneys can help

In the United States, individuals seeking to visit or live in this country must go through the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).  Unfortunately, the large influx of illegal immigration has lead lawmakers to make it much more difficult for many foreign nationals to enter the United States.  There are many different ways to enter the United States, both temporarily and permanently.  With most visas, you need to have someone, or some entity currently in the United States, “sponsor” you.

Visitor Visas To The United States:

If you want to simply visit the United States, a visitor or “tourist” visa is right for you.  In order to obtain a visitor visa, you must apply prior to visiting.  This can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, depending on what your country of origin is.  Citizens from some countries are exempt from the visitor visa requirements.

Student – Work Visas:

If you attend a college or university in the United States, a student visa is necessary.  Just like with visitor visas, you must apply for a student visa prior to entering the United States.  With student visas, there are circumstances requiring an interview, but not always.

Maybe you are seeking to work in the United States.  You may be able to obtain a temporary worker visa.  This involves a similar process required to obtain a student visa.  But additional documentation is often necessary to prove that you in fact will work in the United States.

Green Cards:

Many immigrants who obtain temporary visas for tourism, education or employment decide they want to stay in the United States on a permanent basis.  However, it is often difficult for these individuals to obtain lawful permanent resident or “green card” status.  There are also significant additional requirements to reach this status.  Many individuals seek to bypass the requirements and stay in the United States unlawfully.  If these individuals leave the United States after staying in the country beyond the time allowed from their visa, they may have difficulty re-entering the country. Don’t go it alone our Tulsa immigration attorneys want to help you.

Obtaining a green card (which is not really green despite popular belief), requires immigrants to apply and have someone, typically a family member, fiancé, spouse, or an employer “sponsor” the immigrant seeking permanent resident status.  Getting married to an American citizen and obtaining a family visa is a common way for immigrants to obtain immigrant status and the USCIS is very strict in ensuring that the marriage is legitimate, as oftentimes, marriages are considered to be a “sham” where an immigrant marries only for the purpose of becoming a permanent resident.

Tulsa Immigration Attorneys Getting You Legal:

The overall process to obtain a temporary visa or to obtain permanent resident status can be confusing and daunting.  Speaking with an experienced immigration attorney can clear up any questions or uncertainties you may have.  Our lawyers are extremely knowledgeable in the area of immigration and are here to make the process of obtaining a visa and potentially permanent resident status as smooth as possible.  Our attorneys can determine if the United States has special requirements for citizens from your home country.

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