Student Based Visas

Student Based VisasF-1 Student Visas

F-1 Student Visas are for bona fide academic students, fully qualified to pursue a full course of study, who have a foreign residence with no intention of abandoning it.  The applicant must study only at the institution designated and approved in compliance with the SEVIS program.  Institutions must comply with certain reporting and other requirements to maintain their status as an approved school.  After completions of the course of study, students may complete 12 months of Optional Practical Training (OPT).

J-1 Visas

J-1 Visas are for exchange visitors who are bona fide trainees and have no intention of abandoning their foreign residence.  Participation in an exchange program may be for purposes such as teaching, studying, observing, conducting research, consulting, and receiving training.  The applicant must have sufficient funds and fluency in the  English language. Certain J visa holders are subject to a requirement that they must return to their home country or country of last residence for two years upon completion of their training in the U.S.  Waivers to this 2-year residency requirement may be granted.

H-3 Visas

H-3 Visas are for temporary workers invited by an individual or organization for purposes of receiving instruction and training other than to receive graduate medical education or training.  The training program must be one “that is not designed primarily to provide productive employment.”

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