How to Obtain a Family Visa in Oklahoma


A Family Visa in Oklahoma allows you to bring family members to the Unitesd States legally. To promote family unity, U.S. immigration law permits citizens and lawful permanent residents (sponsors) to petition for certain qualified relatives (beneficiaries) to come and live permanently in the United States. There are two basic groups of family-based visas that we can help you with here atFamily Visa in Oklahoma - Tulsa Immigration Lawyers the Kania Law Office – Immediate Relative Immigrant Visas and Family Preference Immigrant Visas.

Family-based visas though are one of the more popular and favorable visa categories. Family-based immigration will allow you to become a U.S. permanent resident through your qualifying family relations.  As a result, if you receive a family-based visa, you are also able to work in the U. S. legally.  Furthermore, you may be eligible to naturalize and become a U.S.  in as little as three to five years. We can also help you along with this.

Immediate Relative Immigrant Visas:

So what is an “immediate relative?” Immediate relatives include the U.S. citizen’s:

  • Spouse,
  • Unmarried child under the age of 21
  • Parent (if the U.S. citizen is over the age of 21).

How long does the Family Visa process in Oklahoma take, start to finish?  Well, the process can take as little as three to six months for immediate relative visas. This of course depends on many factors.  Some cases delay because applicants do not follow instructions carefully. Some visa applications also require additional processing. We’ll do our best however, to assure that your application is processed as quickly as possible.

Some family-based visas have an annual numerical limit or “cap.” However, immediate relatives are not subject to the cap and do not have to wait in line for a visa number to become available for them to immigrate. There are also an unlimited number of visas for their particular categories.

Family Preference Immigrant Visas:

Those family members that do not qualify as immediate relatives may still qualify for a family preference visa. Which family members qualify for a family preference visa?  These visa types are for specific, more distant, family relationships with a U.S. citizen or some specified relationships with a lawful permanent resident.

Eligible relatives of U.S. citizens include:

  • Unmarried sons or daughters over the age of 21,
  • Married child(ren) of any age, or
  • Brothers and sisters (if the U.S. citizen petitioner is over the age of 21)

Eligible relatives of lawful permanent residents include:

  • Spouse
  • Minor children
  • Unmarried sons and daughters (age 21 and over)

How long does the process take, start to finish?  First, there are yearly caps on family preference immigrants.  Whenever the number of qualified applicants for a category exceeds the cap, there will be an immigration wait.  Available family preference immigrant visas are issued in the chronological order in which the petitions were filed.

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