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Our Tulsa Fiance Visa Lawyers can help you get your family visa. To obtain a K-1 visa, a U.S. citizen must file a Petition for Relative or Fiancé(e) (I-129F), with the USCIS. The USCIS will then send the approvedTulsa Fiance Visa Lawyers Petition to the American Embassy where the fiancé(e) will apply for his or her visa. The fiancé(e) visa petition is valid for a period of four months from the date of USCIS notice of action (I-797). After the Embassy or Consulate receives the approved petition, an American consular officer will contact the beneficiary and give him or her an application for the K-1 visa. If the non-citizen fiancé(e) has a child or children (under 2 1 and unmarried), a K-2 non-immigrant visa may be available to them as well.

Tulsa Fiance Visa Lawyers Eligibility K-1 Visa

So what are the eligibility requirements for a K-1 visa? You both will need to provide or demonstrate the following:

All documentation required from you by the USCIS, including:

  • A valid passport;
  • A birth certificate;
  • A certificate showing that any relationship with a previous spouse has terminated (Divorce or death certificate);
  • Police certificate from each place the non-citizen fiancé(e) has lived since the age of sixteen;
  • A medical examination;
  • Evidence of financial support;
  • Supporting evidence demonstrating the relationship with the petitioner
  • Passport photos.
  • Both you and your fiancé(e) must have the intention to and be able to conclude a legally valid marriage under laws of the U.S.;
  • You must have met your fiancé(e) IN PERSON within the last two years;
  • The non-citizen fiancé(e) must complete an interview with a U.S. consular agent;
  • A processing fee.

We’ll Start The Process Today:

How long does the process take, start to finish?  Well, the process can take as little as three months. This of course depends on many factors.  Some cases delay because applicants do not follow instructions carefully. Some visa applications also require additional processing. We’ll do our best to assure that your application processes as quickly as possible.

Upon receiving the visa, the non-citizen fiancé(e) can travel to the U.S.  The marriage must take place within 90 days of admission into the United States.  Following the marriage, the couple may then file for conditional LPR status in the U.S. for the non-citizen.  Then it is only a matter of time until he or she can remove their conditional status.

We can assist you with the application, and can help with any other legal issues or hearings that need to be addressed.  If you would like a free consultation with our Tulsa fiance visa attorneys please call  today. We care about you and your fiance visa goals.

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