How Long Does Bankruptcy Take in Oklahoma

Clients always ask how long does bankruptcy take in Oklahoma. In my view there’s both a long answer and a short answer. The reason for the vague response is that I think the filer doesn’t really know what they’re asking. Its notHow Long Does Bankruptcy Take | Kania Law Office Tulsa Lawyers a question of basic knowledge. Its more that the question is perhaps asking how long does it take us to file your case. Other times the questions asking me how long before my garnishment is stopped.

How Longs it Take us To File:

If your asking how long does bankruptcy take and your really asking how long before I file the answer I give surprises clients. Generally we file your case within a week. The week begins from the day you’ve paid all your fees and brought me back the bankruptcy information I asked you for at our first meeting. The day I file is an important day for you. Its important because the day we file is the day that all collection activity stops. It stops because the provision in Oklahoma bankruptcy–the automatic stay–is in place. If you have a garnishment, the day I file is the day the garnishment stops.

How Long Before Court:

Generally we file your case within a week. Once we file the case the bankruptcy court assigns us a bankruptcy trustee. Along with being assigned a bankruptcy trustee we’re given our court date. This date is called the 341 meeting of the creditors. We usually get a date for this meeting that’s out about thirty days from the date of filing. Technically this meeting is court. This is true because it is court but not how you imagine court. Rather than a judge and jury there’s only a room with you me and the trustee. Creditors can obviously show, as its called the meeting of the creditors. In reality creditors often don’t show and the meeting lasts about five minutes.

How Long it Takes For the Case to Close:

Although we filed the case within a week and the garnishments have stopped the case stays open for about 50 days after the meeting of the creditors. Its not that the case is open because you’re in danger that the bankruptcy wont be allowed. Rather the case remains open for creditor objections along with other administrative functions. So its a little like I said in the beginning of this post. How long does bankruptcy take depends on what your’e really asking.

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