Adopting a Child in Oklahoma – What You Should Know


Oklahoma adoption attorneys go through the adoption process on a regular basis.  If you’ve experienced this process before, you know the stress of gaining the rights to care for the child that you love. There are a variety of reasons why parents and families choose to adopt a child.  NoOklahoma adoption attorneys two situations are ever the same. As such, the adoption process is not as predictable as many Oklahomans believe. Each parent or parents seeking to adopt a child should be aware that the individual circumstances of each case go through thorough evaluation.  Thus, it is very difficult to anticipate what the outcome will be. Consequently. it is extremely important to consider speaking with qualified adoption attorneys.

Common Reasons Why Parents Adopt in Oklahoma:

The reasons for a Oklahoma adoption come in many shapes in forms. Many adoptions are uncontested, and the process is ultimately successful.  However, other adoptions may be contested by a biological parent, and this can make adoption more challenging. Many individuals choose to adopt a child for reasons including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Parents are unable to conceive, and adoption is a way for them to raise a child;
  • Step-parents have a close relationship with the other spouse’s biological child or children.  Therefore, seeking adoption of the child(ren)would be in the best interest of the child(ren) and family members;
  • Parents wish to help a child in need who has either been abused or neglected, and adoption is a way to provide this child with the best chance possible for a healthy and successful life; and
  • Single or married individuals adopt a blood relative, such as a niece or nephew, in need of parental care.

Choosing to adopt a child is an extremely important life-decision that carries with it obligations, legal parental rights, and the ability to shape a child’s life forever. While there are numerous children in need of adoption, it is always important to make sure the adoptive parents and the child(ren) will be a good fit.

Why You Should Speak With Oklahoma Adoption Attorneys:

In Oklahoma, single or married individuals twenty-one (21) years of age or older may apply to adopt a child. Many people can apply to adopt a child.  However, the adoption agency will look at factors including criminal history, income, job stability, as well as other aspects of the applicant’s life that will have an impact on the ability to financially and emotionally care for a child. Regardless of whether or not you have a criminal record, a steady job, or a spouse, you should not find discouragement while seeking adoption if you truly believe this is something you should pursue.

Given that all adoption agencies will thoroughly evaluate your application, you should not go through the adoption process alone. Many people who act impulsively and apply to adopt a child quickly find out that the application is incomplete, or did not provide necessary documentation. These little mistakes could make it very difficult for you to adopt. However, with the help of one of our Tulsa adoption attorneys , you will not be making those small mistakes.  Your attorney will handle most of the work and prepare you for what to expect. You will have peace of mind in knowing that you have not made a mistake.  Further, having a complete and thorough application increase the chances you will be able to adopt.

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