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When the unexpected happens to you: Put “Kania Law Office and our Tulsa Lawyers in Your Corner.

We all know how difficult a legal action can be. Regardless of whether it’s criminal defense law, family law, bankruptcy law, work injury law, or immigration law, our Tulsa Lawyers are here for you 24/7. The legal process can at times be overwhelming. In these difficult situations you need solid legal representation from experienced Tulsa Lawyers in your corner. At Kania Law Office we concentrate on those areas of the law most likely to affect individuals just like you.

Bankruptcy Attorneys

  • Tulsa Oklahoma Bankruptcy LawyersTulsa Lawyers |Tulsa Bankruptcy Attorneys | Kania Law |
  • Filing a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy doesn’t have to be so stressful. The Tulsa Lawyers at Kania Law Office understand that Oklahoman’s with financial problems are under constant financial stress from creditors. If this is you, you should consider the relief offered through bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is that chance the Bankruptcy  Court in Oklahoma gives you to keep your home, discharge debt, and to get a fresh start. Our Law Firm has filed thousands of bankruptcy cases and would like the opportunity to be your Tulsa bankruptcy attorney

Personal Injury Attorneys

  • Oklahoma Personal Injury Lawyers
    When you’ve been injured because of the carelessness of another you need serious personal injury attorneys in your corner.  It seems like every attorney in Oklahoma wants to practice personal injury law and claims that they have the upper hand when dealing with the insurance company. Although the process of finding a personal injury lawyer is difficult, what you expect from this injury attorney is not. At Kania Law Office we’ve represented thousands of injured Oklahoman’s and recovered millions of dollars for our clients. Regardless of whether it’s a Car accident, Slip and Fall, Wrongful Death or Dog Bite,  our attorneys have the experience you need and promise you honest hard working and aggressive personal injury representation in Oklahoma

Workers Compensation Attorneys

  • Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation LawyersTulsa Lawyers | Workers Compensation | Kania Law Office |
    Workers  Compensation law deals with work injuries that  have  occurred while at work and while performing work related tasks. Oklahoma Workers Compensation law protects injured workers by requiring the employers workers comp insurance carrier to provide all the medical treatment necessary to insure your return back to work.  Also, if while you are being treated for your injury you cannot return to work you are entitled to temporary disability payments. Our workers  compensation attorneys have represented our work injury clients regardless  of the body part that you’ve injured. We specialize in back injuries,  shoulder and knee injuries and injuries to the hands and wrists. If you have been injured at work, don’t go it alone.

Criminal Defense Attorneys

  • Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyers  Being charged with a criminal offense is a difficult proposition and so is finding the rightTulsa Lawyers | Criminal Lawyers in Tulsa | Kania Law Oklahoma criminal defense attorney.  When you are facing criminal charges you  need a criminal attorney who takes your case personally. Our Tulsa Lawyers  understand that winning today’s criminal case not only impacts whether or      not you will be facing jail time but also the impact of having a criminal record follow you around for the rest of your life. The criminal defense lawyers at Kania Law Office have represented Oklahomans who’ve been charged with all types of crimes. Our criminal defense attorneys have represented clients for charges ranging from complex murder and drug  charges on to Felony and Misdemeanor DUI and possession cases along with assault and battery. Whether it’s a misdemeanor or felony, simple traffic ticket or any other criminal charge in Oklahoma we have the criminal defense background you need to defend you in criminal court. We have also helped countless people who have been charged with crimes in Oklahoma receive pardons and expungements of past criminal charges.
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Divorce and Family Law Attorneys

  • Tulsa Oklahoma Family Law AttorneysTulsa Lawyers | Divorce Attorneys | Kania Law Office
  • The job of Family Lawyers in Tulsa is much broader than most other legal practice areas. Family Law Attorneys must be able to handle divorce law together with child custody and child visitation. Our Family Lawyers  also work with many other areas involved in Family Law. Our attorneys can help you with child paternity cases, child support cases, Step Parent Adoptions, along with dividing marital assets in divorce and resolving alimony issues.  Kania Law Office attorneys also help families’ with Oklahoma Estate Planning  including wills, trusts and probate issues.
  • Social Security Disability Attorneys

Immigration Attorneys