Collecting Unemployment if You Quit


Collecting Unemployment if You Quit your job is still possible. But, be cautious as the reason must be one recognized by the Oklahoma Unemployment Commission. The reasons people leave a particular job are as diverse as the number of jobs in the market. Its not uncommon for a person to be denied unemployment with the reason they’re given is that they quit. Although quitting might be a problem, you can still appeal and win your unemployment appeals case in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Unemployment if You Quit

So you have quit your job and have been denied unemployment benefits. If you think that you cannot get benefits you may be wrong. Oklahoma law states that you can receive unemployment if you quit for good cause. Good cause means different things to different people. The key to showing good cause is first having it and then presenting it to the Unemployment appeals people.

Good cause is defined under Oklahoma law. There are a bunch of different elements to showing good cause. A few primary basis’s include harassment and unsafe conditions. Harassment is that kind of thing that you know it when you see it. A boss that’s constantly yelling at you and threatening are just a few examples.

An unsafe work environment is a bit easier to show. Violations of OSHA rules definitely fit an unsafe work environment. Its the goal of OSAH to provide people with safe work places. This includes proper training of the employers for the type of work being done. It may also include protecting you as a whistle-blower from retaliation from your employer.

UneCollecting Unemployment if You Quitmployment Appeals if You’re Fired

If you were fired that does not stop you from filing for unemployment benefits in Oklahoma. You should file and wait for the response either approving or denying benefits. If they are approved then just make sure that you follow through with the rest of the requirements to keep receiving benefits. If they were denied you still have paths that you can take. The next steps may be better if you have an attorney because they can get complicated. The employer will have to show that you were fired for misconduct. Misconduct is also defined under Oklahoma law. The Oklahoma Unemployment Security Commission will determine if you were fired for misconduct and if you can be denied benefits.

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