Calculating Benefits After Unemployment Appeal in Oklahoma


Calculating Benefits After Unemployment Appeal doesn’t have to so hard. The most confusing part of unemployment might be the question of what am I actually going to get. The confusion is heightened when you’re facing the uncertainty of an appeal from a denial of your Oklahoma unemployment benefits. The equation to determine benefits can be complicated, but it can be broken down to make it understandable.  

Amount of My Oklahoma Unemployment Check

First, you must determine what periods of income you use in the formula. The unemployment system uses quarters. The first quarter is January-March. The second is April-June. The third is July-September. The fourth is October-December. To determine your benefit amount you use the last four completed quarters. This means take the month that you are in now, for instance May, then you will not count the second quarter of 2020 because it is not completed. You will instead use the first quarter of 2020, the fourth quarter of 2019, the third quarter of 2019, and the second quarter of 2019. This means that you would use your pay from April 2019 to March 2020 to determine your benefit amount.

Second, you will need to do some addition. Look at each quarter separately- add up what up made in each quarter. If in January-March you made $1000 every month then add it together to get a total of $3000. You will need to do this for every quarter in your base period (the time period you use to determine your benefit amount).

Third, once you have the total amounts for each quarter compare each one to see which one is the highest amount. Once you have determined the highest paid quarter take that number and multiple it by 1/23. For example, if you highest quarter has a pay amount of $5,000 you would do 5000×1/23=217.39. This 217.39 is approximately what you will earn for every week that you draw unemployment benefits.

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Finally, if you’ve been denied Unemployment benefits you should appeal the decision. Unemployment applications can be denied for any number of reasons and many for no good reason at all. Many times the denial had nothing to do with what the actual truth is. Our Unemployment appeals attorneys in Tulsa can present the facts and cross examine witnesses and get to the truth. Its easy for unscrupulous employers to deny your claim out of anger. With the help of an attorney who has the skill required to appeal the denial you can have your case fully heard by the administrative Judge.

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