Can I Keep A Credit Card When you File Bankruptcy in Oklahoma

Bankruptcy On Child Support

Generally you can not keep a credit card when you File Bankruptcy in Oklahoma. Are you considering the possibility of bankruptcy or currently in the bankruptcy process and wondering when you can build your credit again? Are you wondering if you can keep your credit cards? If your credit cards have outstanding balances, you can assume you will lose them….

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Can I Include Attorney Fees in Oklahoma Bankruptcy

In many cases attorney fees in Oklahoma bankruptcy will be discharged. Lots of people experiencing financial hardship consider bankruptcy. They either file a Chapter 7 or chapter 13. When someone files a Chapter 7 bankruptcy they ultimately desire a discharge of their debts. A discharge is an order from the bankruptcy court that decrees you are no longer responsible for…

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Oklahoma Bankruptcy Means Test

The Oklahoma Bankruptcy Means Test helps you to know if you qualify. Many people who qualify don’t realize it and therefor don’t file. Several reasons may also explain this failure to file. This includes concerns about one’s ability to qualify for bankruptcy under the means test. The purpose of the means test is to force those that are above a certain…

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