Tulsa Attorneys Discuss Endeavoring to Manufacture Meth Charges


Endeavoring to Manufacture Meth Charges

Endeavoring to Manufacture Meth Charges in Oklahoma have undergone a serious expansion as the war on meth ramps up. In 2015, the OSBI reports that close to 300 arrests regarding drug use alone were made in Tulsa county.  This is not necessarily surprising, as Oklahoma has topped the methamphetamine epidemic charts for years.  However, endeavoring to manufacture meth is a growing problem.  The business is lucrative and often can reap a profit up to 8 times the money it costs to operate.  If you find yourself in a difficult situation regarding meth and manufacturing meth, read on to understand the legal ramifications.

Proof of Endeavoring to Manufacture Meth:

Specific elements must be present in order for the law to prove manufacturing of meth.  See the list below:

  1. The intent to manufacture. The possession of Anhydrous Ammonia is enough to prove the intent.  However, other evidence may also prove intent to manufacture.  These include supplies to cook meth and any type of paraphernalia that could aid in ingesting meth.
  2. Proof of meth. If law enforcement can find meth in general or its salts and isomers in any form, you will likely face charges of manufacturing.

Because Oklahoma has been battling meth use for many years, the penalties for manufacturing meth are very high.

Penalties for Endeavoring to Manufacturing Meth:

Harsh penalties accompany the manufacturing of meth in Oklahoma.  The first offense is a felony that is punishable by up to 7 years in jail.  This sentence may extend to a life sentence depending on if you have a criminal background.  The minimum fine is also $50,000.  If you face charges of manufacturing over 50 grams of meth, then the prison sentence increases to 20 years minimum.  This may also extend to life depending on your background.  Second offense are double the prison time of your first offense.  Any conviction must be served  and cannot be suspended, deferred, or probationary.  Further, Oklahoma abides by the 85% rule when it comes to meth manufacturing.  So, any conviction must be 85% complete before the possibility of parole is available.

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