Shooting with Intent to Kill

Shooting with Intent to Kill

Shooting with Intent to Kill is a serious crime in Oklahoma. Many people are familiar with the controversial 2007 “Horn Shootings” in Texas.  A 61-year-old man shot two illegal immigrants leaving his neighbor’s home in what appeared to be the course of a robbery.  These brought into question The Castle Doctrine (otherwise known as “Stand Your Ground”) versus shooting with the intent to kill.  Many scholars argued that the Horn Shootings did not fall under protection of one’s property, but were the result of shooting with the intent to kill.  Some commentators even likened Mr. Horn to a “hunter” waiting for “prey.”  Read on to understand what shooting with the intent to kill means.

Defining Shooting With Intent to Kill:

21 Okl.St.Ann. § 652(A) specifically explains that using any type of firearm can fall under shooting with intent to kill.  It further puts a damper on the self-defense claim.  This specifies “purposeful” shooting, with the goal of killing the target–not simply maiming them.

Penalties for a crime of this caliber are severe.  To begin, if you receive a conviction on this crime, it is a felony.  This is subject to the possibility of life in prison.  Further, this sentence is one of the crimes covered under Oklahoma’s “85% Rule” (21 Okl.St.Ann. § 13.1), requiring an offender complete 85% of their sentence before receiving eligibility for parole.  Lastly,  fines may be imposed (21 Okl.St.Ann. §64(B)).  Fines may reach up to $10,000 and also be added to the punishment of the prison sentence.

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