Getting a Misdemeanor Expunged


Getting a criminal misdemeanor expunged in Oklahoma is possible. Expungements remove or “seal” past offenses on your criminal record, but you must qualify. Having a past charge or conviction available for the public eye can cause a lot of burdens in your life. This impacts includes things like looking for a job, buying or renting a house, or simply being in good standing. People often want to know if their misdemeanor is eligible for expungement given Oklahoma does restrict certain crimes from being expunged.

Lawyers Expunging a Misdemeanor inMisdemeanor Expunged Oklahoma

You may be eligible to get that misdemeanor erased from your record. If there are no other charges for a felony or misdemeanor pending against you and you have never in the past been convicted of said offenses, a misdemeanor on your record is eligible for expungement if:

  • All charges were dismissed against you;
  • You have successfully completed a deferred judgment and 1 year has passed since the misdemeanor charge was dismissed;
  • The fine for your conviction was less than Five Hundred One Dollars and you served no jail time;
  • 5 years have passed since you served a prison term or suspended sentence; or
  • You received a fine exceeding Five Hundred Dollars for a misdemeanor conviction (22 O.S. § 18)

The expungement process can be complicated, but it is worth it. Hire a skilled expungement attorney to assure that you can get your misdemeanors sealed and removed. Just like it never happened!

Sealing Your Criminal Record Forever

Having your criminal history and arrest record available for the public eye is a major burden to carry around. This can prevent you from employment, passing background checks, or gaining the trust of others. Get a qualified expungement attorney in your corner so you can keep the past in the past.

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