Defending Against Oklahoma DUI Charges


Tulsa attorneys defending against Oklahoma DUI charges push the same narrative to clients. Through information on what to do its hoped defending against Oklahoma DUI charges can continue trending towards higher success rates. People receive drunk driving convictions in Tulsa and throughout Oklahoma on

Defending Against Oklahoma DUI Charges

a daily basis.  But, many of those arrested for DUI might well have avoided arrest and/or conviction had they known what to do when they were pulled over for driving under the influence.  Many people make critical errors when they are talking with a detaining officer.  These insure arrest and provide strong negative evidence in the driver’s DUI case.  While you will not have an Oklahoma DUI defense attorney at a DUI stop, the actions you take can increase your chances of avoiding a driving under the influence conviction.

Tips For Defending Against Oklahoma DUI Charges:

  • Remain Silent
    • Defending against Tulsa Oklahoma DUI charges begins with remaining silent. When stopped by an officer who suspects that you are impaired, the officer asks you questions. This is so that he can observe your responses.  Although you must provide your driver’s license and vehicle registration, you should avoid answering questions, such as:
      • What have you had to drink?
      • Where are coming from?
  • How much have you had to drink?
    • If the officer does not have sufficient evidence to arrest you for DUI, the officer asks these questions to acquire additional evidence.  If you admit you have been drinking or that you are coming from a bar, this information will be used to support your arrest and in your DUI criminal case.  The officer will also pay attention to signs such as slurred speech or the odor of alcohol on your breath during the stop.  These physical signs also will be evidence to support probable cause for your arrest.
  • Just Say No
    • There is no legal requirement in Oklahoma that requires you to perform field sobriety tests (FSTs) or to take a portable roadside breath test.  FSTs like the walk-and-turn and one-leg-stand are difficult to perform under the best of circumstances.  The rationale for asking you to perform these tests is to build evidence that you are under the ifluence.  If the police officer asks you to perform the tasks, he expects you to fail.  Similarly, there is no benefit to performing the portable roadside breath test in most situations.  Unless you have had absolutely nothing to drink, you should refuse to take this test.
  • Am I Free to Leave?
    • Many Tulsa drivers are afraid to tell a police officer that they prefer not to participate in Oklahoma filed sobriety testing.  While generally you should talk as little as possible during the detainment, you should ask if you are free to leave.  When you decline to participate in these DUI testing methods, you should be polite and indicate you do not wish to answer questions without speaking to an attorney.  One approach to declining these tests is to ask if they are 100 percent accurate.  The officer will not be able to confirm that FSTs or a portable breath test is completely accurate.  So you may base your decision to decline on this basis.

Tulsa DUI Attorneys Working For You:

If you get pulled over for drunk driving in Oklahoma follow some certain rules as noted above. Defending against Oklahoma DUI charges is possible but you’ve got to follow the road to DUI defense. If you charged with a DUI we can help you get through it and make sure that you keep your drivers license.

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